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Tamsin Dearing – Learn to Draw ‘Pencil Portraiture’

Untitled__WIP_Tamsin_Dearing_pencil_portrait_copyright_2017 EDITED

In this fun and relaxed workshop you will explore the foundations of drawing lifelike portraits and receive expert tips to improve your observation and shading. Tamsin will build your drawing confidence by helping you see what is there and to accurately capture that on paper.

All abilities very welcome.

Tamsin is a self-taught professional artist with a fascination for the stories every individual face can tell. This workshop is perfect for helping you overcome the fear factor in drawing likenesses and give you the confidence you need to develop your skills.

Tamsin supplies everything for this workshop, however if you would like to use your own pencils and paper you can. Also, if there is a particular person you would like to draw please bring along an image.

Student testimonials:

‘What did I find most useful? Everything! You de-mystified the whole process. Wonderful – thank you so much. The best day I’ve spent in months’ 

‘Tamsin is an amazing teacher because she makes you realise that it’s not that ‘you can’t draw’ but that you have never been shown how to do it’



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