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Andrew Tozer – Bringing Landscapes to Life


Medium: Acrylic
Date/Time: Monday 1st October, 10am - 4pm
Price: £48


Spend the day learning how to capture the essence of Cornwall’s dramatic and ever-changing coast line. Be inspired by Andrews’s impressionistic style and carefully selected colour palette whilst bringing your painting to life. Andrew incorporates fantastic use of light and depth into his paintings – be prepared to surprise yourself and come away feeling fully inspired.

Andrew Tozer is one of the leading contemporary painters whose work resonates impressionism. He is a well-known Cornish artist and has work in galleries throughout the county. Andrew paints en plein air which he believes creates authenticity and a vibrant sense of movement within his work.

A selection of materials are required to be brought along with you for the workshop, they are as follows:

A selection of acrylic paints – Titanium white, burnt sienna, yellow ochre, cadmium red, permanent magenta/ permanent rose, cadmium yellow, sap green, phthalo green, ultramarine blue, phthalo blue.

Brushes (ideally hog but synthetic is fine) – Sizes 1, 3, 6, 10
(flat, filbert or round, up to you it’s the size that’s most important)

2x Canvas / canvas board (whatever size you like to work on although Andrew suggests around 12×18”)

StaWet palette (not essential but if you have one it’ll be very useful)
White plastic tray/ dinner plate
Fine spray bottle
Masking tape
Kitchen roll
A photograph to work from (Andrew will also bring along images)


2” household brush (used for decorating)
CRYLA C10 brush No.3
CRYLA Acrylic paint – Titanium white

You receive a 10% discount on all supplies in the shop on the day of workshop.

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