Arty Parties

How much?
Parties cost £7.95 per person for our homemade birthday tea, plus the cost of your chosen workshop per head.

You may choose not to provide party bags as the children will all have something they’ve made to take home. We can also provide a cake made by our chef and a pass-the-parcel for an extra charge. We require a minimum booking of 12 guests and a maximum of 16 for a party (maximum number is negotiable according to age).

When? Arty parties run on Saturday afternoons from 3-5pm, plus in the holidays and after school by special arrangement.

Where? Parties happen on the mezzanine floor at Truro Arts. The room is decorated with bunting and paintings and makes
a lovely setting for creativity. It does get quite hot though, so do wear light clothing and be prepared to get messy!

What? A party usually involves an hour workshop with all materials included a birthday tea and games to finish off.

See different workshops below:

Lockable Secret Diary


Cover a hard-backed notebook with decorative papers and adornments and we’ll add a padlock so you can keep your writing secret. £6.50 | 5+


Decorate a Treasure Box


With decorative paper and other embellishments, turn a chest box into a beautiful jewellery container or a pirate treasure chest to take home with you. £7.5 | 5+


Fimo Jewellery


Use this traditional technique and bright colours to create your own funky jewellery! £8 | 7+


Air-drying Clay


We’ll show you how to work with air-drying clay so you can bring to life cute animals, gruesome gargoyles, or anything else of your imagination! £6 | 5+


Bag Painting


Design and paint a t-shirt or a canvas bag with fabric paints, and get ready to be unique! £8 | 7+


Modroc Modelling


Build an armature from tin foil and masking tape, then cover it in plaster bandage to create a rock hard model of your choice. £7 | 7+


Silk Painting


Design and create your own silk painting, using guttas and special paints. This is a great option to later embroider into a cushion, jacket or backpack! £8 | 9+


Screen Printing


Design and cut your own stencil and screen print it onto a bag (which we supply). Carry your stuff in your own work of art! £7.50 | 8+




Develop a story line and some plasticine characters then animate it. You’ll have your own cartoon as a memento of a great party! £6.50 | 8+


Mask Making


Embody your own superhero: whether it is Spider Man, Cat Woman or an animal straight out of your own imagination! We will be adding and cutting from standard masks, and later painting our creations. £8 | 7+





If you would like to try something that isn’t on this list, give us a ring and we can discuss designing a workshop to fit your requirements. £ TBC | 5+



Due to the popularity of our parties we are unable to reserve a date for you until a deposit of £50.00 is paid. If you would like to book or find out more, give us a ring on 01872 240567 or email kids@truroartscompany.co.uk




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