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Rob Unett – Making Sketchbooks: Abstract Figures and Portraits

This fast paced workshop offers a small insight into the world and imagination of artist and image-maker Rob Unett. Focusing on sketchbooks that explore the body, face and the world around them, Rob will guide participants through a number of exercises and techniques that he uses in his own work to study a subject of any kind.

Using multi-media, painting, mark making, collage and drawing, from observation and feeling, Rob will guide you through his process of fast studies that result in creating informative and inspirational sketchbooks. These sketchbooks become the backbone of creating more final work.

Working with urgency, removing outcomes and focusing on experiencing the moment, you will combine the abstract with the real, opening up as many ways as possible to study your subject in a variety from multiple perspectives. The session will challenge your habits, unlocking your inquisitive mind and capacity for wonderment.

Rob has been a practising illustrator / artist for 15 years and is the Creative Director of the London College of Fashion. His background within the fashion industry is intensive alongside his continual dedication to fashion image making and fashion drawing.

A selection of materials are required to be brought along with you for the workshop, they are as follows:

A range of soft pencils – B – 8B
Willow & charcoal
Selection of paint brushes, small to very thick
Large bull dog clips
Water pots / water brushes
Smooth sponges
Smooth non felting clothes or tissue
A scalpel
A sharpener
Spray glue / spray mount

Watercolors pencils and paints
A selection of gouache + acrylic
Any types of ink
Water-soluble waxed crayon
Be sure to bring ranges of colours so you can really explore.

Any type of A5, A4, A3 + A2 Papers
Wall paper lining paper is great, versatile and cheap.
Even bring scrap papers of any kind.
Rob uses everything from paper shopping bags, scraps right through to professional papers.
Lots and lots of printed out photos of the subject you are studying and the environment around them – Rob takes pictures of himself to use as his subject, often in fancy dress, using Polaroids or photocopied photos so he can vary the sizes. Your subject should be captured in a range of ways, close ups to full length, various states of dress, different looks, the world around them etc.

Please bring multiple sketchbooks and/ or lot’s of loose paper and Rob will also show you how to make some.

A range of other textures, these could be from material / fabric, scraps, magazine tear sheets, photocopies etc.

The more the better!

All are available to purchase in the Truro Arts shop and you will receive a 10% discount on all supplies on the day of workshop.





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